2016 Somerville Rallye Questions & Answers

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Yes but dogs must be on a leash and contained at all times. 

Q: Will food be available? FREE WATER AVAILABLE is at registration in the BMOA Got coolers, bottled water may be purchased from Pappi’s Ice House in RV Spot 22, or bring your own. 
A: Pappi’s Ice House will be in Spot 22 selling snack items like nachos, Frito pies, chips, coffee, cinnamon rolls & energy drinks. There is also the Snack Shack down at the marina that serves breakfast and lunch featuring BBQ and snacks. The marina in the park also has a small store selling a variety or items and goods. 

Q: Will the 10pm noise curfew at Overlook Park apply to the BMOA rallye?
A: No, the BMOA rallye is exempt from the noise curfew.* This does not allow for outside bands or PA systems. Please do not run generators after 10pm

Q: I purchased a day pass for Saturday, can I still camp and come to the Saturday night dinner?
A: No, Dinner and camping is reserved for the weekend pass holders only, you may purchase a ticket for dinneron Saturday night for $10 if tickets (and food) are still available. Preregistered weekend pass holders are guaranteed Saturday night dinner and will be served first. Weekend passes purchased the day of the rallye will be given a dinner ticket until we run out. Individual dinner tickets for day pass dinners will be for sale but are limited to availability. You MUST purchase a weekend pass to camp overnight. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER TO BE GUARANTEED DINNER ON SATURDAY NIGHT. 

Q: Can you accommodate special dietary needs for theSaturday night dinner?
A: No, sorry, the catering has been pre-ordered. The menu is set before and other food will be available for purchase. Dinner is server with Ice Tea and Water.

Q: Can I bring my dirt bike or pit/mini bike?
A: Yes, the “no motorized vehicles in the park” signs and rules do not apply to our rallye.*

Q: I want to come to the rallye early on Monday orWednesday can I camp in my RV spot or camping spot within the BMOA rallye grounds?
A: If you are a BMOA Member of the club and have pre-registered for the rallye and have already purchased a RV spot you may camp in your RV spot assigned by the BMOA as early as the Monday before the rallye. BMOA MEMBERS ONLY. You will be responsible for all camping fees untilThursday at 9:00 am. YOU MUST CAMP IN YOUR ASSIGNED RV SPOT OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PACK UP AND MOVE ON THURSDAY.
If you have not pre-registered you will not be allowed in the rallye grounds until Friday at 9:00 am. If you want to arrive before Thursday and tent camp and have pre-registered you are responsible for all camping fees untilThursday at 9:00 am, you must camp in the designated tent camping areas unless you have purchased a RV spot for tent camping. Camping Rates: RV Spots: $35.00 per night. Tent Camping: $25 per night. Pre-registration will not be available on the Week of the Rallye and non-registered vehicles/individuals will not be let into the rallye grounds the week prior to the event, they must wait until Friday at 9:00am to register and enter the rallye grounds. All pre-registered club members are welcome to stay on Thursday night at no extra charge. Note: If you are there on Thursday night you may be elected to help with the rallye set-up. 

Q: Will I have to pay camping fees or RV fees on top of my rallye fees?
A: No. All your camping fees are included with your rallye fees. Tell the gate attendant that you are there for the BMOA rallye and you will be let into the park for free and will pay or check in at the BMOA registration booth. BMOA will give you the park permit for you vehicle(s) when you check in. The camping fees included with your rallye fees are for the official rallye dates ONLY - Rallye Friday9:00am thru Sunday 2:00pm. If you would like to come early or stay later you are responsible for your camping/RV fees (please see above question.) RV Fees must be paid to BMOA to reserve an RV spot inside the rallye grounds. BMOA is not responsible for RV and camping fees outside of our rallye grounds, so if you choose to camp somewhere else in the park you must pay Overlook Park. 

Q: I may not be able to arrive to the camp grounds by10pm on Friday can I still get into the rallye?
A: Yes as long as you arrive by 1:00 am. We are keeping the gates open until 1:00 am on both Friday and Saturdaynight. If you are arriving on Thursday please arrive before 10:00 pm or call one of the board members to let you into the park.

Q: I pre-registered for the rallye and I may not be able to make it that weekend can I still get my pin and T-shirt?
A: Yes, your rallye packet & T-shirt will be available for pick up at the next BMOA meeting in June, all items not claimed by August will be donated back to the club.

Q: Are there planned rides at the rallye?
A: Your rallye packet will include ride maps for highway rides at faster speeds and back road rides for slower speeds. Many rallye members will group together to make these rides. 

Q: I want to tent camp but I would like access to power and water. 
A: Tent campers can purchase an RV spot for the weekend and not have an RV. A RV spot can accommodate 4 tent campers and 2 cars or trucks and many motorcycles. You may split an RV spot with multiple people just bring extension cords and power strips. 

Q: I have a day pass for Saturday where do I park?
A: There will be a day pass parking section near the restrooms right before the registration booth. It is a short walk to the field events from the registration booth. 

Q: Do you have handicapped accessible parking? 
A: Yes, please let an attendant at the registration booth aware of any special needs and we will have rallye security help you park and provide you with a ride down to the main event area. 

Q: Do you have a list of Restaurants and attractions in the area? 
A: Yes, in your rallye packet you will find a list of restaurants, bars and the riding distance to each. Along with tips like BYOB or full bar and dining suggestions. 

Q: I don’t own a British motorcycle, should I still attend the rallye? 
A: Yes the rallye is open to everyone. The Field Events on Saturday and the Bike Show on Sunday both have categories for all makes and models and even includes a kids class for mini bikes and pit bikes.

Q: Can I bring my own food and alcohol into the rallye since it is also being sold there?
A: Yes, you can bring whatever you need with you, food and beer is for sale for those who are not able to bring an ice chest on their bike.

Q: Can I join the BMOA to get the $5 discount on Rallye admission and discounted rallye swag? 
A: Yes, you don’t have to own a British motorcycle to be a member of the club you just need to have an interest in British motorcycles. Once you pay your Dues you will receive an email from the club that will provide you with the special discount link to purchase your RV spot and/or pay your rallye fees at a special member price. 

Q: I’m not much of a camper is there a local hotel where I can spend the night? 
A: Yes, please see Hotel Accommodations with America’s Best Value Inn on the home page of the BMOA website you will receive a $20 discount by mentioning BMOA if you book your room before May 1st or before they run out.   

Q: I am only coming up on Sunday for the Bike Show. 1. Can I enter my bike and 2. Do I have to pay to get in? 
A: 1.) Yes, you may enter your bike but you need to purchase a $10 Sunday pass to enter your bike in the show. 2.) Spectators are free to see the Bike Show. The $10 fee only applies to non-registered parties who want to enter their bike into the show. 

Q: What is on the menu for the Saturday night dinner?
A: To be announced at a later date, possibly BBQ with all the fixins. You MUST PRE-REGISTER TO EAT DINNER ON SATURDAY NIGHT.

*Exception to park rules only apply within the rallye ground area. Please do not ride unlicensed motorcycles outside of the roped off rallye area. Please note that the10pm noise curfew IS in effect outside of our rallye area. If you leave the rallye grounds after 10pm be quiet or you may be ejected from the park.